Hispanic Doctors & Chiropractic Association

Hispanic Doctors and Chiropractic Association


About the Hispanic Doctors’ & Chiropractic Association

The Hispanic Doctors & Chiropractic Association (HDCA) represents the political, clinical, Chiropractic and economic interests of the medical profession. We are presently networking and providing health fairs to practicing medical providers and students of medicine enrolled in any of the eight states (Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Illinois, California, Florida, Colorado and New York) or five counties within California (LA, Orange, Riverside , San Bernadino and San Diego) that are eligible for HDCA membership. HDCA is governed by an Advisory Board, and by the Association’s Board of Directors.

Founded in 2010 as a voluntary association of physicians, and other medical providers, the HDCA has, from its beginning, played a vital role in the development and promotion of health-care services across the United States.

Today, the HDCA represents Physicians, Chiropractors, and midlevel providers and are governed by an Advisory Board as well as the Association’s Board of Directors and twelve Board Members. We are presently accepting applications for a doctor or chiropractor for the position of President for each of the eight states’ chapter facilities. We also have five Advisory Board Members who are elected by the Board of Directors.

During the meetings of the Board of Directors, there is representation of the HDCA`s governing bodies and members in all business affairs. The Board also exercises the rights and powers of the Association. From among its members, the Board elects the Association’s Executive Committee, which is responsible for the liaison to its government and other organizations.

A number of HDCA health policy committees bring together experts from across the United States in order to address important clinical and legislative issues that are facing medical providers and their patients. Seminars, workshops, Monthly Meetings, programs, health fairs, and educational materials arising from the work of the HDCA`s health policy committees are important components of the medical profession's contribution to the development of public policy on health care. Headed by the Association's Chief Executive Officer, the HDCA consists of a volunteer staff that will implement policies that are developed by the Advisory Board and the Board of Directors.

The HDCA services all professionals in the following fields: administration, HMO/ PPO, private insurance companies, practice management, finance, health policy, legal services, economics, computer technology, insurance, hospital services, laboratory proficiency testing, medical services, providers, patient ,Medical transportation, chiropractic, health, public affairs, and communications.



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